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“I would rank Tim McCormick’s presentation the absolute best that I have heard and he wasn’t even trying to sell us anything like so many other speakers.”

– Robert Pugliese, Premier Wealth Management
“Tim McCormick’s unique blend of energy, humor and passion will inspire everyone from 16 to 60 years old.”

– James Robinson, Cambridge Financial
“Tim’s Never Be Average Message transcends basketball and is applicable to all aspects of life.The audience could have listened for hours.”

– Kevin Morris, Principal Financial Group
“Tim’s presentation was a great way to kick off our New Year’s program. I truly appreciate the way he weaved his message into our industry. It was wonderful to see my agents so fired up.”

– Bart Patterson, Re/Max Classic
“In all of my years working with speakers, this is the first time I have seen survey results in which a speaker received all excellent ratings on our survey – and it was Tim McCormick.”

– Cathy Sue Kelly, Iowa Independent Bankers
“Tim’s Never Be Average message was perfect for our construction conference. His presentation was excellent and scored a 4.8 out of 5 in our surveys.The audience loved him.”

– Alisha Wyche, Michigan Association of CPA’s
“Tim’s motivational presentation was absolutely terrific. My players commented on how much they learned about maximizing their careers.”

– Mike Krzyzewski, Head Coach, Duke University Basketball
“Tim McCormick has the unique ability of taking you to the edge of your seat with his real world stories, then driving home a powerful message of motivation in his attention-grabbing style.”

– Jerry Nystrom, Farner-Bocken Company
“Tim is one of the few individuals who can combine a truly inspiring message with laughter and humor.”

– Randy Studer, Central Financial Group
“Tim’s presentation was so much fun, yet incredibly helpful to anyone looking to take their game to the next level. The response we have received has been so positive, we are looking for more opportunities to use his services.”

– Scott Widder, AIM Investments
“Tim is an all-pro. His Never Be Average message provides a strategy to keep me sharp and focused. Average is okay for the other guy, not me.”

– Harris Nydick, CFS Investment Services
“I loved Tim’s presentation. I have shared his observations with family, friends and colleagues and that is the sign of a great speaker.”

– Courtney DuFries, US Banking Alliance
“Tim McCormick shares a treasure trove of fascinating stories from his years in the NBA, co-starring some of the biggest names in professional sports and he applies those stories to the business world to leave his audience energized and ready for any challenge.”

– Diane Crone, ITA Group