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Pro-Style Leadership
Pat Riley was my coach with the New York Knicks and he was an elite, high-level leader. He demanded the constant pursuit of excellence from each of his players and losing was never an option. In his first season as the head coach in New York, he increased our win total by 11 games and built the Knicks into one of the NBA’s premier teams. [read more]

The Pro Approach
I am not quite sure why my wife wanted me to clean the attic, but with 20 years of marital experience, I have learned that certain battles just aren’t worth fighting. [read more]

Fishing with Dad
My family moved from the city to the county when I was in 6th grade and I was in for a culture shock. The pack of neighbor kids that roamed the country-side near my new home called me a “city slicker” because I didn’t know how to fish. [read more]

Lebron James and CEO Leadership
Lebron James is the best player in the NBA and possesses all of the necessary talent and skills to one day surpass Michael Jordan as the greatest ever. At 6-8 and 270 pounds, he is built like a linebacker with sprinter speed and is the most accomplished 26 year old player in league history. [read more]

Wizard Leadership
The greatest coach in the history of sports died on June 5th in a small apartment in Encino California at the age of 99. John Wooden, known as the Wizard of Westwood, led the UCLA Bruins to an amazing 10 National Championships in the 1960’s and 70’s. No other coach in college basketball history has more than four titles. [read more]

Wide World of Sports
My favorite television program as a boy was ABC’s Wide World of Sports. The show provided a glimpse of unique and often under-publicized sports and athletes. They spanned the globe to show a Russian weight lifter, the Harlem Globetrotters and cliff divers in Mexico. We learned about curling, badminton and professional logging. [read more]

Jump In
Age, wisdom and experience provide many valuable leadership lessons in the business world. We learn to manage the downside and protect our assets. A conservative approach reduces the risks and ensures that a safety net is available to protect us from a dangerous fall. There are definitely times to be cautious and tentative. There are others when it pays to aggressively jump in with two feet. [read more]

The Greatest Leader in Sports History
Many elite leaders are born with the ability to command respect from their peers and direct their teams to victory. Others develop their leadership skills through life’s daily challenges. They face tremendous odds and over-come trials and tribulations that build mental toughness. Both are effective and are worth following. [read more]

Corporate Training Camp
The foundation of a successful season for all professional sports teams begins with a grueling, labor intensive month of hard work called training camp. The preparation for the opening night of the NBA season is no different. The long and strenuous hours of practice, conditioning and film study form the bedrock for a successful and winning season. [read more]

The NBA Secrets of Bounce-Back Ability
The current financial crisis and economic uncertainty in our country have affected every member of society. We have become consumed with talk of recession as job losses increase and consumer confidence dwindles. The headlines focus on the plunging Dow and CNN provides a daily barrage of doom and gloom stories about 401K’s, the crumbling housing market and the banking bailout. [read more]