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The foundation of a successful season for all professional sports teams begins with a grueling, labor intensive month of hard work called training camp. The preparation for the opening night of the NBA season is no different. The long and strenuous hours of practice, conditioning and film study form the bedrock for a successful and winning season. Extra weightlifting sessions and exhibition games are tools to sharpen skills and eliminate weaknesses for the start of the regular season. Rookies and free agents compete against veterans to impress the coaches and make their pro sports dreams a reality. The pressure is awesome and the work-load is heavy. The reward is one of the 15 spots on an NBA roster.

The secret for success in professional sports is buried deep in the human DNA and it deals with the obsession to get bigger, stronger and faster to achieve goals and win the game. There are several important keys to developing a championship corporate culture that can be learned from the challenges of a pro sports training camp.

Body Power – The key to success for professional athletes is a powerful, well-tuned body, built through running, weight-lifting and proper nutrition. Peak performance is a by-product of effort and training. So often, we are consumed with work-related assignments and deadlines that we ignore our own physical conditioning. The commitment to train for 45 – 60 minutes per day will increase productivity in the work place and lead to improved over-all health.

Coaching Fundamentals – The primary goal of NBA training camp is to improve the basics of dribbling, passing and shooting. The coaches emphasize the execution of the team’s offensive playbook and defensive game plan. In basketball and business, star performers continually search for winning ideas and strategies to improve. Develop a training camp approach of your own through motivational books and articles to increase productivity. High achievers listen to audio programs in their car. Seek career advice and guidance from your boss or a mentor that can elevate your performance with some good old-fashioned coaching.

Compete for Success – From my experiences as a professional athlete in the NBA for ten seasons, I learned there are only two things I could control – my attitude and work ethic. Hard work and passion do not guarantee success, but without them, you have no chance. High achievers possess an internal flame that burns hot and will not accept any effort below their best. If you want to win, continually update, review and revise a specific set of goals. Goal-setting is fuel for accomplishment. Set them high and do not relax until they become reality.

Success in sports and business is not random. Just as athletes sharpen their focus and skill-set during training camp prior to each season, high-level professionals in the business world can benefit from the same approach. Proper planning, preparation and hard work with a training camp mind-set can lead to elevated performance. Create a training camp game plan for yourself and you will have a championship caliber season.

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